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Natural foods restaurant

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びお亭 入口びお亭 のれん

In the natural foods restaurant Biotei in Karasuma3jyo, a lunch is recommended.
A lunch of Biotei uses no pesticide, a cooking ingredient of organic farming every day in rotation.

Biotei lunch is 840 yen.
Maine of a lunch a grilled fish or bean-curd soup seasoned with red pepper.
We can prefer a lunch to several kinds side dishes.

びお亭 カウンター びお亭 日替わり びお亭 果実酒 びお亭 店内

There are wooden counter and table 2,3 in a shop and is not wide.
There are many foreigners of a vegetarian in a visitor.

2007.7 Lunch information

びお亭ランチ びお亭ランチ びお亭ランチ 自然食 びお亭

Today's Lunch \840
Tofu salada(Onion slice, a lettuce, a tomato, a cucumber, seaweed),Miso soup,tukemono, brown alga),Rice with germs,Japanese tea.

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Bio tei
Natural foods restaurant Higashi no toin South-west coner 2F Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-city Japan Map
Tel 075−255−0086 
Regular holiday Sunday/monday/holiday
Business hours 11:30〜14:00、17:00〜20:30
(thursday only lunchtime open,Suturday only nighttime open)

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