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It was foreigners such as philosopher Sae torrs that judged a rock garden of Ryoanji
to be high. Ryoanj is the temple which is famous abroad.


World's cultural heritage

I know that it is satisfied
 A temple with a garden of a stone bower

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21)御手洗祭(下鴨神社) 世界文化遺産
下鴨神社 名月管弦祭

22)仁和寺 世界文化遺産
御室桜 雲のように咲き誇る

後ろを振り向くな 十三まいりの知恵の寺
もっとも美しい微笑み 広隆寺 弥勒菩薩 
25)Ryoanji 世界文化遺産
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・Bus50「Ritsumeikan univ.」

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写真:じゃらん 写真:じゃらん

写真:じゃらん 写真:じゃらん

Aristocrat's house Ninna-ji Temple hall can do a visit to work of morning, too,
and vegetarian cooking is an inn of reputation.

Polite, kind service and a reasonable
rate are charm.
best for walk around Ninna-ji Temple.

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和噴水 -庭園-
和噴水 -庭園-


Seeing Kyoto

It was foreigners such as philosopher Sae torrs that judged a rock garden of Ryoanji
to be high. Ryoanj is the temple which is famous abroad.

山門 鏡容池 鏡容池 鏡容池の睡蓮

The trees that it is green to appear when I pass through the gate
and a water lily of "Kyoyouike."
A beautiful flower is in full glory in the morning until from May to September.

龍安寺石庭 龍安寺石庭 龍安寺石庭 龍安寺石庭

You sit on a chief priest and can consider Sekitei to be slow if not crowded
. It is Sekitei which I see evenly, but the left depths become low for drainage.
In addition, it lowers as a wall of the right side goes to the depths to
keep an expanse.

It is hurt whether it is a slight mystery in this Tukubai.
"隹" is seen in "五" right on the top, but I can be accompanied,
and these read a square partial "口" of the middle.
Then I become a proverb of Zen of "I know that it is satisfied”.

龍安寺方丈横 つくばい 侘び助椿 方丈重要文化財

The side and a garden behind become a green garden filled with rural beauty unlike Sekitei.

楓 鏡容池 鏡容池 鏡容池

Flowers such as a cherry tree, a rhododendron, wisteria, an iris,
a bush clover of four seasons bloom in the white garden which is mineral matter
and a garden of vitality trees full and the precincts, and the maple which is
bright red in autumn invites you.
Ryoanji is the temple which can enjoy various scenery

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